Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

We value your investment in your child’s education

We will seek grants and funding sources to offset costs for families

Admissions . Tuition

Bloom360 serves Learners ages 5 -21 years old. After a thorough admissions process with a lot of family input, each Learner is placed in one of our five educational programs (“Growth Rings”) depending on his/her unique developmental needs social/emotionally and academically. Growth Rings are re-evaluated on an annual basis.

Empower Growth Rings
The tiered Empower Growth Rings are designed for Learners who demonstrate reoccurring skills, greater independence and have the capacity to thrive in a variety of environments.

  • Empower 2 Growth Ring (Full Day M-F) – $18,750
    • Learning needs include supportive opportunities to help move through sticking points that inhibit thriving with optimal independence in terms of academics, relationships and environments.
    • Learning opportunities include the logical bridging of ideas and multi-causal thinking.
    • Learner can remain engaged in broader and multi-faceted project-based learning that may span several weeks to a few months with greater independence shown in initiating project plans including developing project steps and implementation of plan.
    • Learner can work on individualized academics independently seeking guidance/
      support from Learning Guide when needed. Learner is capable of working in groups of approx. 6 or more Learners.
  • Empower 1 Growth Ring (Full Day M-F) – $13,000
    • Learner has demonstrated capacities for multi-causal, gray area and reflective thinking.
    • Learner is capable of maintaining sensory and emotional experiences while maintaining engagement with others across a wide range of relationships, experiences and environments.
    • Learner displays a high level of initiating, planning and carrying through on schedule, projects and customized learning opportunities. These projects and opportunities may include connecting and collaborating with businesses and/or community organizations.
    • Learner consistently works on academics independently and seeks guidance/support from Learning Guide when needed. In addition, Learner shows initiation to expand learning based on topics of interest discovered in core subject work.
    • Learner has demonstrated ability at Bloom360 to work in groups of 6 or more Learners
    • Learner is exploring and planning for future that may include technical school, trades, volunteer work, employment, military or college.


Strengthen Growth Rings
The tiered Strengthen Growth Rings are designed for Learners who are moving toward greater independence when provided with customized learning opportunities (tools, strategies, experiences, relationships, environments, etc.)

  • Strengthen 2 Growth Ring (Full Day M-F) – $28,000
    • Learning opportunities focus on building and expanding relationships and expanding a focus on the “how” and “why” to positively support critical thinking and problem solving.
    • Learner is capable of working in small groups and is beginning to develop the capacity to work independently with much support from Learning Guide.
    • With much support from Learning Guide, Learner engages in Project Based Learning and core academic subjects at Learner’s level. Academics focus on filling in the gaps so the Learner moves forward with confidence and a solid foundation.
  • Strengthen 1 Growth Ring (Full Day M-F)– $22,000
    • Learning opportunities are focused on shared social problem solving, creating meaningful symbols and ideas and logical bridging of ideas.
    • Learner is expanding capacity for self-regulation of sensory and emotional experiences.
    • Learner can work in small groups consistently and work independently with some support from Learning Guide.
    • Learner engages in Project Based Learning with some support from Learning Guide and has ability to work through project steps and plan. Academics are individualized and gaps in foundational skills continue to be filled.


Nurture Growth Ring
The Nurture Growth Ring is designed to provide significant support and guidance for Learners who are acquiring new skills and abilities and need predictable routines and environments. Learning needs predominantly include: co-regulation of sensory and emotional experiences. Academic learning centers on interest driven activities and/or projects that incorporate core subject practices in math, reading, science and social studies that are developmentally appropriate.

  • Half Day Nurture Program (M – Th)
  • Full Day Nurture Program (M – Th)

*Tuition is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on needs of the child.

Tuition Discounts for Siblings
There is a 10% discount for siblings who attend Bloom360 Learning Community in a given academic year. The discount is applied to the lesser assessed tuition of the siblings attending during the academic year.

Tuition Payment Options
Plan A – Full Tuition Payment. Tuition due in full by July 1.
Plan B – Two Tuition Payments. 50% of tuition due by July 1 and the remaining 50% by December 1.
Plan C – Monthly Payments. Twelve monthly payments with first tuition payment due by June 1 and last payment due on May 1.