Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

We value your investment in your child’s education

We will seek grants and funding sources to offset costs for families

Day School . Tuition & Payments

Private pay tuition rates for the three Day School educational programs (Empower, Strengthen and Nurture) are below. Need-based financial assistance is available. For more information about financial assistance,  click here.

2023 – 2024 School Year
Nurture (Half Day/Mon – Thurs) – $18,200
Nurture Full Day – Program availability is limited; please inquire for details
Strengthen – $24,400
Empower – $19,950

Tuition Payment Options
Plan A – Full Tuition Payment. Tuition due in full by July 1.
Plan B – Two Tuition Payments. 50% of tuition due by July 1 and the remaining 50% by December 1.
Plan C – Monthly Payments. Twelve monthly payments with first tuition payment due by June 1 and last payment due on May 1. Note: Tuition is managed through a third party tuition management company. Electronic fund transfers or credit card payments are accepted. For more information about our educational programs, click here.

Tuition Discounts for Siblings
There is a 10% discount for siblings who attend Bloom360 Learning Community in a given academic year. The discount is calculated for the time period when the siblings are in attendance together.  The discount is applied to each learner’s tuition amount. For example, if Sally enrolls as of August and a sibling enrolls in January of the same academic school year, then the 10% discount applies on a pro rata basis for the period January through the end of the school year (assuming both siblings are enrolled for the remainder of the school year).

Other Financial & Tax Information

529 Plans – Up to $10,000 in tax-free funds from 529 accounts can be used to pay tuition at private K-12 schools.
K-12 Tuition State Tax Deduction – Parents in Wisconsin can deduct up to $4,000 per student in grades K-8, and up to $10,000 per high school student on their state taxes.
For additional information, please visit the Financial Assistance page.