Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Educational Programs

Education . Educational Programs

Bloom360 Growth RingBloom360’s educational program is a whole-child approach incorporating the social, emotional, mind, body and spirit into all we do.  Our team of educators, therapists and developmental experts are fully integrated, supporting each Learner every step of the way.

After careful assessment, Bloom360 places each Learner in the developmental Growth Ring that best meets his/her needs. Our Growth Rings represent the continuum of development beginning at Nurture, then Strengthen and finally Empower.

Our Growth Rings are designed in a way that as each Learner moves towards greater independence the ratio of Learners to Learning Guide(s) increases. Our Growth Rings are akin to the growth rings of a tree and correlate to the Learner’s developmental profile.

The Nurture ring includes Learners who need the greatest amount of support and guidance and the Empower ring includes Learners who have grown to a greatest level of independence. The Growth Ring is assigned upon completion of the admissions process and is re-assessed annually.

Within our Nurture Growth Ring we offer a half day program and a full day program.  The Strengthen and Empower Growth Rings are full day programs.

It is our intention that our Learners go home at the end of the school day feeling calm, content and happy – ready to enjoy a playful and relaxing evening.