Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Roots Program Overview

The Bloom360 Roots Program is a part-time offering. At its roots, Bloom360 Learning Community is based on a developmental, relationship and strengths-based approach. This whole-child approach is integral in the Roots Program and we meet each child where they are developmentally, regardless of age, build trusted relationships that are nurtured and recognize each child’s unique strengths. The goal of the Roots Program is to provide opportunities for the child to grow in a safe and trusted sensory-friendly learning environment through expanded opportunities with projects and peers with the benefit of Bloom360’s highly trained staff.   Participants in our Roots Program are integrated in a developmentally appropriate manner with our Bloom360 Learners who attend the school for full school programming.

Roots Program Benefits:

  • Access to Bloom360 Learning Community’s whole-child approach that is tailored to the individual sensory and unique needs of each child.
  • An opportunity for social-emotional leanrning and growth with a small peer group including Bloom360 Day School Learners and other Roots Program Learners that is guided by and experienced and talented multi-disciplinary team.
  • An enrichment program that enhances your current homeschooling program where the team truly collaborates with parents and children get tailored experiences to expand their growth in many areas.

Roots Program Details:

  • Social-Emotional Growth – Our multi-disciplinary team will collaborate with parents to set social-emotional goals for your child as well as individualized practice zones to support growth toward these goals.
  • Project-Based Learning – Children in the Roots Program will work on individual and small group projects (as developmentally appropriate). These projects are centered on their interests and provide rich opportunities to practice communication, collaboration and problem solving. The sky is the limit for project-based learning. A few recent examples include:
    • Micro-business Bakery Cart – In this group project, Learners contribute in a variety of ways depending on their interest and developmental readiness. There are many parts to this project, such as: creating the budget, selecting a recipe, marketing to community, assisting with the baking or selling bakery items to our staff and families.
    • French Exploration – This individual project included studying French culture and cuisine and creating a French Café for other Learners and staff to enjoy.
    • Grinch Prequel – This individual project included writing, casting, creating scenery and performing the play that was based on the Dr. Seuss story.
    • Golf Course Design – This individual project included designing a mini golf course on our four-acre property which started with drafting a blue print with dimensions and cutting the greens in the lawn and ended with playing the course.
  • Enrichment practice zones – Learners in our Roots Program are included in music, art, mindfulness, reflection and gratitude practices with lots of movement and outside time incorporated into the day. This also may include cooking/baking and time in the “Create-It Studio” to explore art and woodworking.
  • Bloom360’s Multi-Disciplinary Team – Our highly trained team includes educators, occupational therapists and a social worker. Specific expertise includes:
  • Licensing in Dr. Greenspan’s DIR/Floortime Approach
  • Trainings and certifications from VIA Institute for Character (our strengths-based framework)
  • Wide knowledge of sensory processing
  • Implementation and training in Project-Based Learning
  • Certifications in Orton Gillingham Multisensory Reading Approach