Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Day School. Measuring Growth

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We believe that every person is capable of learning and growing once their social and emotional needs are met. To help each Learner realize their potential, a customized Developmental Learning Plan (DLP) is created based on his/her developmental level and includes social/emotional and academic goals. The DLP is a dynamic plan that is reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year and is enhanced or changed as needed to best serve and support each person.

Each learner’s goals along with his/her strengths, interests and sensory profile guide the implementation of our Whole Person educational program incorporating all five core elements of human development: Mind, Body, Spirit (Meaning & Purpose), Social and Emotional.  We call this the Learner’s “Goal Pathway”.

Each school year, we have two planned Goal Pathway Meetings with parents to collaborate on each Learner’s DLP.  The Goal Pathway Meetings are typically held in November and March. They are unlike a typical conference in that we focus on what is going right while discussing areas of need.  We set aside 90 minutes for each Learner’s meeting. The meetings are a positive, productive and strength centered experience.


At Bloom360 we lead with Social-Emotional Learning, therefore all we do throughout the day cultivates engagement and emotional regulation as it is proven that without engagement and regulation, academic learning is stunted or does not occur. We use a 7-point scale to measure each Learner’s growth toward his/her social/emotional goals.


We meet each Learner at their level in the core subject areas of Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Health. We assess to determine the Learner’s Reading and Math levels through subjective measures that include observation, parent input, hands on learning opportunities, etc. and objective assessment measures as developmentally appropriate. We then begin filling in the gaps that are present in the foundations of the core subjects and provide academic instruction at the Learner’s current level at a pace that works for each Learner. We use the scope and sequence of the Common Core Standards to guide progression of learning as these are good guides of what needs to be taught first, second, third in order to build upon their knowledge base. We do not participate in the standardized testing.  Our Learners do not have homework as we believe the time after school should be used to re-charge and enjoy other activities with friends and family.  Each Learner’s Academic goals are measured by the level of understanding using a 4-point scale.  The outcome we seek is that growth toward the goal has occurred and the Learner has a “confident” understanding of the concepts and can apply them in a functional manner.

Project Based Learning:

We use Project Based Learning (PBL) as our main method of teaching and learning. PBL is a learner centered method of teaching and learning in which Learners grow in their individual development, gain knowledge and life skills through active exploration and engagement of extended meaningful learning activities, real-world challenges and /or problems. Most projects are inspired by individual interests, however, we do at times have school wide projects where all Learners engage in an adaptation of the main project. Within the project we incorporate both social-emotional and academic goals and use a rubric to assess growth.  The rubric is completed by a Learning Guide and when developmentally appropriate the Learner completes a Self Assessment Rubric.

Why PBL?

  1. Increases intrinsic motivation, confidence, and engagement
  2. Deepens relationships and a sense of belonging
  3. Cultivates critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration
  4. Integrates core subject areas to support academic goals
  5. Develops and enhances planning and organization skills
  6. Prepares a child for the real world of work where these skills are critical for success


Bloom360 Outcomes
Each Learner at Bloom360 grows in all areas of human development: Emotional, Social, Mind, Body, and Spirit. This growth enhances their life experiences, self-confidence, and sense of belonging in the community. We offer a full high school diploma. The Learner’s growth opens doors to new opportunities which may include:

  • Volunteer/internship programs
  • Community based programs
  • Technical college
  • Military
  • Four-year college
  • Employment Opportunities