Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Roots Program . Tuition & Payments

The Roots Program will follow the same developmentally based program levels as our Day School program. Learners may enroll for one semester at a time or a full-year program. The cost for the Roots Program is based on part-time weekly attendance as agreed upon between Bloom360 and the family. In general, tuition is based on our Day School rates and then a discount is applied because we are not the school of record and, then pro-rated based on number of days or hours the Learner attends the Roots Program. We do not list the exact tuition because there is flexibility in terms of hours/days and schedules for this program. Once we know which Roots program your child would best fit in and the schedule that would work best for us and your child, we will communicate tuition rates.

For Example: Tuition for the 2024-2025 year for a Roots Learner at the Strengthen Program level who attends twice per week would be approximately $9,350.00 for the entire year.