Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Where business and education meet. Growth happens here.

Vista360, LLC Supports Bloom360.

Vista360, LLC is a financial services and management consulting company. We take great pride in the relationships we develop with our clients and the assistance we provide to them. We also share a special purpose to serve a unique group of kids who may have labels that have held them back, but have so much potential and honestly, purpose that deserves to be nurtured.
We are so thankful we decided to launch a nonprofit school in 2017.It all started many years ago with Laura’s (our managing partner’s) daughter Morgan. Laura knew Morgan needed something different. We knew other families in southeastern Wisconsin were feeling the same way. So, our business team stepped up and found the educators, therapists and building for our two organizations to co-locate.
Now, we can firmly report that this unique approach is working… for our Vista360 team and for the bright students we call Learners at Bloom360 Learning Community.
Our Vista360 team dedicates our time and a percentage of our profits to the school because Bloom360 Learning Community is important to the Learners and their families as well as the shift needed in educational options in society.
It’s really powerful to witness this academic and social-emotional growth. It’s also pretty fun to hear laughter, engage with the learners daily and to see first- hand their confidence expand as they engage in learning each day.

Our offices within one wing of the school provide an ideal neighboring community of business professionals who lend a hand to:

  • Help organize community fundraisers.
  • Work with Learners to facilitate art projects and provide golf tips for eager Learners.
  • Participate as customers in a French café
  • Become enthusiastic audience members for school presentations on bridges and rockets and more…
  • Be cast as characters in plays that our creative Learners write and direct
  • Serve as trusted advisers to talk to about math questions or life questions
  • Stop by to see how science experiments are turning out
  • Attend birthday celebrations, recitals and holiday gatherings
  • Go on daily walks which often end up in silly and serious discussions on a variety of topics that interest our Learners
  • Realize we have a lot to learn from the Learners

Our long-term goal is to prepare our Learners for adulthood. We call them “our Learners” because we have an investment in each Learner and genuinely support their continued growth and development. We are with them every step of the way here and into the future which may include: volunteering, working, college, military service or other options they choose in which they can contribute to their communities using their unique strengths and interests.

Bloom360 Learning Community is more than a school to us.

These amazing kids represent what is possible.