Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

The Bloom360 Model

Grounded in nurturing the strengths, relationships and developmental uniqueness of each learner

About . Educational Model

Watch our Educational Model Bloom

At the roots, Bloom360:

  1. Identifies and nurtures each Learner’s strengths
  2. Cultivates positive, authentic relationships
  3. Supports and guides each Learner’s growth from his/her developmental uniqueness

The trunk supports the growth and development of the whole child through:

  1. Individualized Developmental Learning Plans
  2. Interest Driven Project Based Learning
  3. Proven Reading and Math Curriculums
  4. Proven Child Developmental Approach
  5. Evidence Based Character Strengths Framework

The trunk branches out into the five core elements of Bloom360’s model. Each leaf represents one of the five areas of human development and together they comprise the whole-child:

  1. Emotional: identifying, processing and expressing emotions
  2. Body: nurturing our physical bodies including movement, balance and awareness
  3. Social: cultivating our relationship with self and others
  4. Spirit: Following our inner compass; developing our sense of purpose and meaning
  5. Mind: Growing our minds through academics, mindfulness, critical thinking and problem solving

These five leaves guide our individualized Developmental Learning Plan for each Learner as we create customized goals based on unique strengths, current developmental functioning and individual needs.

Family Involvement

We are excited to connect families with resources and to each other which may include family-centered events, speakers and resources available to all. We also look forward to family involvement in our classrooms and in the community. We are a Learning Community for all.