Bloom360 Learning Community is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit school in southeastern Wisconsin for children with neuro-diverse needs.

Nurture Educational Program

The Nurture Program is designed to provide significant support and guidance for Learners who are acquiring new skills and abilities and need predictable routines and environments. Learning needs predominantly include: co-regulation of sensory and emotional experiences and academic learning centers on interest driven activities and/or projects that incorporate core subject practices in math, reading, science and social studies that are developmentally appropriate. Half day and full day programs are available on a very limited basis. Tuition is based on the specific needs and assessed on an individualized basis.

  • Social-emotional:
    • Learner needs significant support with sensory and emotional co-regulation.
    • Learner needs predictable routines and a predictable environment with significant support consistently required during transitions throughout the day.
  • Project-Based Learning:
    • Structured yet interest-driven projects are offered with ongoing significant support throughout the project.
  • Academics:
    • Significant support is given and developmentally appropriate core subject skills are practices primarily in a functional manner applying them within Learner’s daily routine, interests and activities.